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What was Jesus' Genealogy?

Matthew 1:8 Who was Uzziah's father?

Matthew 1:16 vs. Luke 3:23 Who was Jesus' grand-father?

Matthew 1:17 How many generations from Babylon to Jesus?

Matthew 1:17 How many generations from Abraham to Jesus?

Matthew 1:17 Explanation for why the genealogies are different.

When was Jesus born?

Ehrman points out the following specific contradictions between "Matthew" and "Luke" as to the Infancy Narratives and than makes the general conclusion that they contradict each other as to when Jesus was born:

Matthew 2:1 When was Jesus born?

Matthew 2:1 Where was Jesus' home?

Matthew 2:14 Where did Jesus' family move to after he was born?

Matthew 2:1 Explanation for why "Matthew" contradicts "Luke" as to when Jesus was born.

--JoeWallack 11:53, 6 June 2009 (EDT)

Other Discrepancies from the Life of Jesus

Jesus' baptism

Mark 1:11 vs. Matthew 3:17 vs. Luke 3:22 What did the voice at Jesus' baptism say?

Mark 1:12-13 vs. John 1:34-36 Where was Jesus after the baptism?

Jesus' sayings

Mark 9:40 vs. Matthew 12:30 Who is for/against Jesus?

Jairus's Daughter

Mark 5:21-43 vs. Matthew 9:18-26 Was Jairus's Daughter Already Dead?

The length of Jesus' Ministry

Mark 14:1 vs. John How long was Jesus' ministry?

When was the crucifixion?

Ehrman points out the following specific contradictions between "Mark" and "John" as to when the supposed crucifixion was and than makes the general conclusion that they contradict each other:

Mark 14:18 When does Jesus eat the Passover meal?

Mark 15:25 What day was Jesus' crucified on?

Mark 15:25 At what hour was Jesus crucified?

Mark 15:25 Explanation for why "John" contradicts "Mark" as to when Jesus was crucified.

--JoeWallack 12:10, 31 May 2009 (EDT)

Discrepancies in the Passion Narrative

The Trial Before Pilate

Mark 15 vs. John 18 Where was Pilate during the trial?

Mark 15:2 vs. John 18 & John 19 What did Jesus say to Pilate?

Mark 15.15 vs. John 19.1 When was Jesus scourged?

Mark 15:15 vs. John 18.38, John 19.6 & John 19.12 Did Pilate Declare That Jesus Was Innocent?

The Death of Judas

Mark 14.11 vs. Luke 22.3 Why did Judas betray Jesus?

Matthew 27.5 vs. Acts 1.18 What happened to Judas after the betrayal?

Matthew 27.7 vs. Acts 1.18 Who buys the field?

Matthew 27.8 vs. Acts 1.19 How does the field get its name?

The Resurrection Narratives

Mark 16:1 vs. Matthew 28:1 vs. Luke 24:10 vs. John 20.1 Who went to the tomb?

Mark 16:4 vs. Matthew 28:2 Was the Stone Already Rolled Back?

Mark 16:5 vs. Matthew 28:5 vs. Luke 24:4 vs. John 20.1-2 What was seen at the tomb?

Mark 16:7 vs. Luke 24:6-7 What was the Tomb Instruction?

Mark 16:8 vs. Matthew 28:8 Were the Tomb Instructions Followed?

Matthew 28:8 vs. Luke 24:9 vs. John 20.2 Who did the women report to?

Matthew 28:9 vs. Luke 24:11 vs. John 20.3 What was the Disciple's response to the women's report?

Matthew 28:16 vs. Luke 24:33 Where were the Disciples' final instructions from Jesus?

Other Differences In The Passion Narratives

Mark 11:7 vs. Matthew 21:7 How many animals did Jesus ride?

Mark 14:62 vs. Luke 22:69 What was Jesus' Response To The High Priest?

Matthew 27:9-10 vs. Zechariah 11.12-13 Wrong Prophet Quoted

Mark 15:37-38 vs. Luke 23:45-46 When did the Curtain rip?

Mark 15:39 vs. Luke 23:47 What did the Centurion say at Jesus' death?

Discrepancies Involving Paul

Galatians 1:15-18 vs. Acts 9:18-26 Where did Paul go after his conversion?

Galatians 1:21-22 vs. Acts 8:1-3 Did the Churches in Judea Know Paul?

1 Thessalonians 3:1-2 vs. Acts 17:15-16 Did Paul Go to Athens Alone?

Galatians 1:18 & 2:1 vs. Acts 9:26 & 11:29 & 15:2 How Many Trips Did Paul Make to Jerusalem?

1 Thessalonians 1:9 vs. Acts 17:1-4 Did Paul's congregation in Thessalonica consist of Gentiles and Jews?