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Stephen Jones tries to present a complete Defense here:

Where does Cyrenius fit into your harmonization of the Matthew & Luke nativity stories?

The only significant point Jones adds to all the other Defenses I address, which is emphasized by him several times, is found in his concluding conclusion:

"As I pointed out in my Harmony: "This harmony of the nativity accounts in the gospels of Matthew and Luke has that `truth is stranger than fiction' complex quality of real life that would be unlikely to have been concocted" and "far from being a problem, the two nativity accounts of Matthew 2 and Luke 2 present a composite picture that has a `three-dimensional' quality of real, historical truth"!"

Actually "Luke" has theological reasons to make stranger than fiction assertions that apparently no Historian or even fellow Gospeller ever took notice of such as a World wide census by the acting King of the world which happened to be the First census at the exact time of the creation of the future King of the world. So even though Jones' conclusion is not only not supported by his related reasoning but contradicted by it there is the consolation that it puts him at the bottom of our list.

--JoeWallack 21:44, 13 Aug 2006 (CDT)