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And all the people answered and said, His blood [be] on us, and on our children. (ASV)



That's not what a lynch mob is likely to say; lynch mobs are not known for holding themselves to blame. Instead, they'd shout something like "Death to Jesus!" and get very defensive when challenged. Not to mention the sheer implausability of this. How would you get a mob to in unison say something so long? That would take some practice. "Death to Jesus" is easy - just 4 syllables, but really, is something that is around 10 syllables feasible - by "all" the people?

More broadly, this is a remarkable turnaround from the hero's welcome that Jesus Christ allegedly got when he arrived in Jerusalem (Matthew 21:10-11). Which is something that more closely fits Lord Raglan's Mythic-Hero profile than "real" history.

Also, Matthew is generally considered to be the most "Jewish" of the Gospels, which makes this anti-Jewish sentiment seem odd. But this could simply be a slam against Jews who refused to follow Jesus Christ.

Or, this whole story could have been grown by Christians as a reason to persecute the Jews, from whom they were trying to take the Old Testament from.

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