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Again, the devil taketh him unto an exceeding high mountain, and showeth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them; (ASV)


Where was this mountain?

However, I (LP) have calculated how high you must be to see various subsets of "all the kingdoms of the world", and I estimate:

Roman Empire: 350 km
R.E. with Sri Lanka (Taprobane): 2500 km
R.E. with S.L. and China: 2700 km
R.E. with S.L, China, and Central America (early Mayas): around 27000 km

But which mountain is that high?

Highest on Earth:
 Mt. Everest
  8.850 km
Highest in the Roman Empire:
 Agri Dagi (Mt. Ararat) in eastern Anatolia (east end of the empire)
  5.137 km
Highest near Italy:
 Mt. Blanc in the Alps (just north of Italy)
  4.810 km

Thus falling far short of what would be necessary to get that view.

Also note that the author of Matthew once again assumes that the earth is flat. 14:04, 3 Sep 2007 (CDT)


Calvin argues that it was a vision in his commentary on this verse.

"8. The devil taketh him to a very high mountain. We must keep in mind, what I have already stated, that it was not owing to any weakness of Christ’s nature, but to a voluntary dispensation and permission, that Satan produced this effect upon his eyes. Again, while his senses were moved and powerfully affected by the glory of the kingdoms which was presented to them, no inward desire arose in his mind; whereas the lusts of the flesh, like wild beasts, are drawn, and hurry us along, to the objects which please us: for Christ had the same feelings with ourselves, but he had no irregular appetites. The kind of temptation here described was, that Christ should seek, in another manner than from God, the inheritance which he has promised to his children. And here the daring insolence of the devil is manifested, in robbing God of the government of the world, and claiming it for himself. All these things, says he, are mine, and it is only through me that they are obtained."

Source: [1]


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