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It's obvious that the Christian Scriptures used the Hebrew Scriptures to "prove" their prophecy. But the Virgin Birth story was written decades AFTER Jesus, so its "Prophecy Fulfilled" angle is highly suspect.

To Wit: A Russin cavalry officer in the Czar's army stops at an inn for the night. He gives his horse to the stable boy, who leads it to the shed. The officer notices on the shed there are a series of targets drawn, and in the exact center of each target is a single bullet hole.

When he checks into the inn, he asks the innkeeper, "Who was the marksman who had perfect aim?" The innkeeper replies, "The stable boy." The officer is flabbergasted. "How did he learn to shoot so well?" The innkeeper explains, "It's really very simple. First he shoots the gun at the shed. Then he draws the circles."


It's easy to hit your target when you're the one who draws the circles, or writes the "history" after the fact.


  • Ehh, are you trying to say that Mary was a virgin, when she conceived Jesus, and that Matthew somehow was privy to this and therefore could select an appropriate quote from Isaiah?
--FreezBee 11:39, 19 Jun 2006 (CDT)